Day Care Services

A home while you are away

We understand that your pet deserves the best possible care even when you need to be away from home.  There are inevitably times when we are called away for work or pleasure and at these times we might worry about our pets.

Here at The Place For Pets, we offer a day care service with your individual needs in mind.

We can look after your pet, ensuring that they remain comfortable, fed/watered and have human contact in your absence.

With drop off and collection times arranged to suit your needs we can ensure that we offer a bespoke package of support, when you need it most.


Is this service for you?

Been called away?

Accident, emergency or illness?

Family issue to deal with?

Caring responsibility taking you away from home?

Funeral, job interview or other one-off event to manage?

We can help by caring for your pet while you are away.  

Home visits

Food and Water


We will change your pets water to ensure it is clean and fresh.

We will feed your pet at a time as close to their normal routine as possible.

Comfort Break


We can give your pet the opportunity to be out of their cage, as you would if you were at home.

This includes putting rabbits and guinea pigs in outdoor runs and returning them to their cages later in the day and giving dogs garden time out of their house crates.

Human Touch


Frequently handled pets may miss human touch when you are not there to handle them.  We can play with your pet and give them some good human contact and interaction,  to mimic what you would do with them.

Cage Clean


Keeping your pet clean and dry is essential for good health and animal well being.